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norwegian flowers, books in a stack on the bedside table, cups of tea, films with lots of swearing, pincushions shaped as mushrooms, cats with big hearts, friends with many names and flavours, music with a lot of dimensions, knitting needles that mysteriously disappear, and yarn. lots of yarn.

torsdag 12. juli 2012


These are way overdue. A few more shots from our trip to Versailles. I found it interesting that the green of Marie Antoinette's garden was so much more radiant than the green of the main gardens outside the palace.

PS. I just opened an Etsy Shop today, currently there's only one item in the shop, but do take a look if you like. I'm also planning a little change around this space, so stay tuned! 

soundtrack: New Order – Age Of Consent





expired 35mm film, 200 iso
pentax mx

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