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onsdag 16. januar 2013

Needle and Thread

Soundtrack: Vashti Bunyan – Hebridean Sun

Happy Wednesday!
I thought I'd start a new weekly thing here on the blog: Needle and Thread. I will use Wednesdays to show you the things I'm working on with my needles and thread. Since this is a photo blog I thought it would be appropriate to limit the knitting/sewing/crocheting posts to one day, and this is the first day!

So, on this first day I present you with today's project:


This might seem like a sea, but it is in fact a cardigan that has been on the needles since last summer. I desperately need a cardigan to keep me warm while I'm reading at my desk, so I'm hoping to finish this once and for all by the weekend. Hot water bottle not just there for aesthetic purposes, but out of mere practicality (it is fairly nippy in here).


A close up of the yarn (Drops Alpaca): as you can tell, this yarn has more to it than immediately meets the eye. It plays in different hues of green and sea green/blue, creating a sort of moss like colour. The last picture in this post shows the colours in the yarn most accurately.


All accompanied by a cup of tea of course!

Digital photos
Canon EOS 400d

4 kommentarer:

The Knitting Seaman januar 30, 2013  

Jag gillar verkligen den där gröna färgen. Min garderob har varit grön i flera år, men nu fungerar det inte längre. Man måste variera sig. Dessutom mår man bättre med färg och enbart mossgrönt är väl kanske inte alltid det piggaste :)

Går det framåt med tröjan?

elisesophie januar 31, 2013  

Variasjon er definitivt bra! Nå gleder jeg meg til å strikke noe i sennepsgult, tror jeg. Det har jeg aldri gjort før. Nå har jeg endelig blitt ferdig med denne, og i går brukte jeg den for første gang, den var kjempevarm! Mission accomplished! :)

The Knitting Seaman februar 02, 2013  

Alltid lika gôtt att bli klar med något man jobbat med länge. Glöm inte blogga bilderna på den! :)

elisesophie februar 02, 2013  

Kommer bilder på onsdag, hurra! :)

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