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lørdag 13. desember 2014

December in Oslo

It's been a long, long time since my last post - I think I must have broken my old record, leaving no posts behind re: November 2014. It's been busy. 
I've gotten lots of good Christmas knitting in these past couple months, and I'm not doing a quite as low-key knitting this year as last. I've been working on some Cricket cardigans for our two nieces and our nephew, and I'm nearing the finishing line! I'll have to do some serious knitting on the pink one this coming week, but I'm positive I'll be able to finish it. (Writing this, I realise I never posted the FO pictures of the first Cricket I made, only the WIP ones! Kindly find photos below in this post).
In other knitterly new, I'm experiencing some serious craving to do some good old ego-knitting, which is typical, I believe, for this season in particular. The other day we watched The Matrix, and I sort of fell in love with the well-worn knitted jumpers that Neo and crew were all wearing, and what do you know? There is actually a pattern for one on Ravelry (I shouldn't really be surprised, Ravelry is amazing!). I like the look of the pattern, but would like it to be a bit less fitted, and more like Neo and Trinity's:

Excuse the poor image quality on this one, I did a simple google search and this picture shows what I mean, I think (plus a really nice moment between these two). I think my one would be in Neo's coulourway, but in the style of Trinity's (that is, less ripped, and with a boatneck).

Enough of these ramblings, and on to the Cricket photos: 

 photo IMG_0246_zpsa7dfe764.jpg

Here's the cardigan all finished, but pre-blocking (I haven't gotten round to blocking it yet, and might just do a steam press instead, I think it looks about right and quite good as it is).

 photo IMG_0249_zpse74ee222.jpg

I chose to line the pockets with green leftovers from another project, and it looks really sweet, I think.

 photo IMG_0247_zps147651ea.jpg

And then I put a fox on it, just because! If you want more (not-so extensive) notes on this project, go check out my Ravelry project page, here

I'll try my best to take a decent photo of all the cardigans when they're done, but the light here is terrible these days. When I leave for work it's dark, and when I come back, it's dark again!

I hope you are all having creative and happy Advents, wherever you are in the world!

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