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tirsdag 2. februar 2016

Monthly Quote: February

Happy February, everyone!

I've been working a lot on the issues I spoke of in my last post, and I feel a lot calmer and more "settled" in myself now than I did a month ago. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying it - the ease of feeling sufficient and good enough, no matter what I do and choose.
I still have a ways to go, but I'm relishing the progress, and feel steady as I go on accepting and relaxing in myself and my life, whatever each new day brings.

 photo IMG_20160130_113709_zpsnyfudvhz.jpg

As you might have gathered from this image, I'm knitting again! I've even finished a project - a headband from the clever women at KlompeLompe, and I'm thrilled with the end result. I bought a Busy Lizzy to make the I-cord, and I couldn't have made a better decision. The decision to get one was motivated by my limited knitting time, since I can't knit for very long sessions at a time (at least not for now). It took a few minutes to have the I-cord finished and threaded into the headband, and I don't think you can comprehend the joy I felt as I held my first finished project in my hands since September last year. As you can also see from the photo, I've started another headband, this time in opposite colours, and I'm still really enjoying the pattern.
The best thing I did in January was to consult an expert regarding my arm, and consequently get two sessions of treatment which initially made me feel a lot worse, but which has led to my arm improving substantially in the subsequent weeks. I still need to be careful doing repetitive work for longer periods, but I got the experts blessing to knit a bit when I feel like it. So I do, and I love it and thrive on it.

 photo IMG_20160131_120537_zpsx8xly4lc.jpg

Since last we spoke, we've gotten the window frames and the sills attached to the windows in the dining room. I took this picture to see how I liked the curtains I've bought for the room - and to get your opinion! What do you think? I like it more and more the longer I look at the photo. All that green is just yummy. In this photo we had yet to attach the frame below the sill - we've done that now, and it looks so nice!! Pictures to come...

Now - on to the quote for February (which I will spend holidaying in South Africa and England with my dear Alasdair, hooray!):

"In three words I can sum up everything that I've learned about life: it goes on." 
- Robert Frost. 

Have a beautiful month, everyone!

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