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fredag 3. mai 2013

Friday Knits

Soundtrack: Small Faces – Itchycoo Park, a happy one for Friday!

Hello! I'm breaking my own rule, but then this is my blog, so I suppose there are really no rules...

In between my revision I find time for some creating, and these are a couple of projects that have come off the needles recently:

 photo IMG_9741_zps791e61f8.jpg

A lovely, green shawl/scarf for my mum, as a little everyday surprise. I chose this particular pattern because I wanted to make something fast, with a lot of stockinette, but with a little bit of everyday luxury added to it. The yarn is Cascade Yarns' Cascade 220 Heathers, in the colourway "Turtle." I have never worked with this yarn before, and have to say I'm very pleased with it. It felt durable and knitted up very evenly and nice, showing off the pattern details just right. The yardage was also good for the price, which is always a positive!

 photo IMG_9752_zps09e63ed1.jpg

And these! My first project from Kate Davies' book Colours of Shetland. I've been so excited to make something from the book, and these proved to be a super appetiser, so to speak. These were knit a lovely yarn from Jamieson's: Shetland Spindrift, in four incredibly complementing colours, don't you agree? The pattern was very easy to follow, and the result is just so nice! The stranded colourwork makes them very warm and I can tell that they'll only get better and better when they're worn, since the wool will felt all cosy inside. I love the vintage look of them, as well, and can picture these paired with a lovely 1940s tweed coat perfectly in my head. Now I just want to knit all the garments in the book... I think my next project from the book will have to be the Scatness Tam, the colours are just so wonderful.

What are you currently working on? If you're not knitting, I'd love to hear what you spend your days doing anyway!

All photos are digital
Canon EOS 400d

3 kommentarer:

Jen mai 19, 2013  

Lovely Ursula Mitts ! (I just left comment on your Rav page

Ida Sundae mai 26, 2013  

I love the gloves, they've got a real Norwegian touch I must say. Ready for summer? ;P

elisesophie mai 26, 2013  

Thanks! They do look quite Norwegian, you´re right! Haha, yes! Getting better at planning summerthemed knits for the winter season is something I should aspire to ;)

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