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lørdag 30. mai 2015

FO: Cable Cloud Cowl + a sneek peak

Hello again!

It's been a while since I blogged, but I've been busy knitting, spending time with my dear sister and otherwise being really enthused about future plans that are yet to be revealed (har har). Stay tuned for that, it will be so amazing!!
I've got some lovely pictures to show you of my finished Cable Cloud Cowl, which I finally took yesterday with said sister as my model. I couldn't be more happy about it - it turned out exactly the way I had envisioned, and is even more cuddly and cosy than I expected!
You can find the (k)nitty gritty of it on my ravelry project page, if you are so inclined. (Or read my previous blog post!)

Now to the photos!

 photo CCC4_zps4sq2q4fz.jpg

For a 5'4" person this is a bit of a wide, or should I say deep, cowl, but once it's folded it works:

 photo CCC2_zpse39nk2a2.jpg

All that's left to say is that this project was FUN! It inspired me and motivated me to do more Christmas knitting, and has got me working on a wee "design" of my own: 

 photo LBC2_zpsxndbbknk.jpg

This is just a sneek peak, but I promise I'll be back with more photos once it's finished. This new stitch has gotten me on a roll - I'm thinking of trying it out on a background of garter stitches, maybe for a shawl? I'm excited to try it out!
(By the way, I'm in love with this colourway of Pickles Tweedy! It's called Perle, and can be found here.)

Hope you are all enjoying the last weekend in May - it's gone so fast!!

3 kommentarer:

Nicole juni 01, 2015  

Love that cowl! It looks awesomely comfy and cozy! Can't wait to see more of your design :)

elisesophie juni 02, 2015  

Thank you, Nicole! I'm excited to see how the yarn behaves when it's been soaked and blocked, it certainly promises to be squishy and warm! :)

Birgitte juli 07, 2015  

Stilig krage du viser frem! Tøffe fletter!

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