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søndag 2. august 2015

Monthly Quote: August

First of all, my apologies for being a day late in posting my quote for this month (and also, July?! Where did you go?? And what about all the blog posts I had planned to fill you with? Oh well.) I have a very good reason for being late, actually. I don't know if you recall a somewhat enigmatic sentence in one of my previous blog posts? I mentioned something about "exciting future plans" that were "yet to be revealed"? Well, the time has come for me to share our exciting news with you, blog readers:

Alasdair and I are moving to the countryside! We have been given an amazing opportunity by my dear parents. They own an old farm house (in addition to their own beautiful house) that used to be the accommodation for farm labourers once upon a time. The house has been empty for many years now, but recently my mother and father have been thinking about renovating it. Instead, they asked me and Alasdair if WE would like to do it up, and live there, so we can try out living a more self-sufficient lifestyle. We've been dreaming about living in the countryside, having some sheep and goats, some chickens and a big vegetable garden, for many years, so we hopped to it immediately, of course. It'll be lots of work, since the house needs a considerable amount of TLC before we can move in, but it is so exciting! I feel so grateful and happy about this, I don't know what to do with myself. I channel all this positive energy into working on the house, which brings me to this month and the true purpose of this post, to share an inspirational and lovely quote with you. I was so busy tearing down the old panelling on the last outer wall on our "new" old house, that I simply forgot to post anything yesterday. I hope you can forgive me, and that you'll enjoy the quote and pictures I've decided to share with you for August.

 photo Gulthus_zpsxkpihdxg.jpg

“Where does it all lead? What will become of us? These were our young questions, and young answers were revealed. It leads to each other. We become ourselves.” 
 - Patti Smith, Just Kids


If you want more regular updates and photos of our renovation (which will take a significant chunk of our time), please check out my instagram account, I'm @elise_albrektsen there. But,  I will of course share  progress pictures, and some before/after-pictures, on this blog, too. 

Have a wonderful week, dear readers! 

x, Elise 

Edited to add: The yellow house in the top photo is not the house we will be renovating, but just a lovely little house I spotted. : )


2 kommentarer:

Ine august 03, 2015  

That is so amazing Elise! Good luck on your renovation, I hope we get to see glimpses of the process. To renovate an old house is my dream too :)

elisesophie august 03, 2015  

Takk for hyggelig kommentar, Ine! Jeg skal dele bilder underveis, det er jo så gøy med oppussing, og gamle hus er bare best. Føler meg veldig heldig!
Klem fra Elise

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