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fredag 2. oktober 2015

Monthly Quote: October

It's almost becoming a tradition that I am one day late in posting the quote of the month, but I'm choosing not to let that put a stopper to the fun.

These past few weeks (September, really) have flown by so fast, and I'm sad I haven't been sharing more on this blog of what I've been up to. I hope to remedy this as the days grow shorter and the time spent indoors gets longer. Alasdair and I are busy bees, trying to bring life back into our new old house. So far we've finished the last wall on the outside that needed fixing up - we've put in new windows and new panelling, with a huge amount of help from my dad. He's really our go-to helper for all things related to the house. Since the daylight hours are shorter now, we've taken the work inside, just in time for the autumn storms and rains to test the quality of the work we've done on the outside. We're crossing our fingers and toes that we won't have to worry about anything on the exterior of the house for many years.

On the 1st of October we did the first bit of painting in one of the rooms; the library dining room, to be specific. The old panelling on the walls have tasted their first ever coat of paint, a base coat of white, to make the subsequent painting smooth and easy, and the ceiling was repainted tonight with its refreshing coat of paint today, as it had been painted before (a long time ago). We're hoping it'll only need this one coat of paint, but we'll make our decision once we've seen how it dries tomorrow morning.

While doing up the house, I'm working full-time as a sub in a nursery AND trying to get into pattern writing. It's a bit of a hectic time for me, and I'm not getting as much done with any of the things I'm doing as I would have liked. But I'm still practicing patience with my self, and trying to just do a little bit everyday and be happy about the things I do get done, instead of worrying about all the things I haven't been able to do in a day.

So - this month will see the release of the my very first knitting pattern! I'm frantically knitting a second sample of my Little Bumps Cowl, and pestering my mum to test knit a little sample for me, just so I can get some idea of the quality and clarity of my written instructions. I hope I'll be able to upload the pattern to my Ravelry shop by mid-October, and I so hope you'll all like it!

This photo is of a very thoughtful, and somewhat tired, me - wearing my own design. Not quite sure what to do with my hands when modeling knitwear...

 photo ThoughtfulLBC_zpsrwxzxpz7.jpg

It is every bit as soft and warm as it looks, I promise! And it wraps perfectly around the neck twice, which is just what one needs on a chill autumn day.

And now, to the quote I've chosen for the month of October, by yet another woman I greatly admire:

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns."
- George Eliot

As always, visit Vibeke and Ruthie for more inspirational quotes and other loveliness. 

Have a very delicious October, everyone, and I'll be back with more on the house and the knitwear, I promise! 

- Elise

4 kommentarer:

Ruth Werwai oktober 03, 2015  

what a beautiful quote and pattern! the stitch is so lovely and looks so cozy- perfect for Fall.
congrats on your first pattern :)

elisesophie oktober 03, 2015  

Thank you so much, Ruthie! I just love George Eliot, she was so full of wisdom about so many different things, most of which are still highly topical, and she also knew how to put simple feelings into beautiful words. Thank you also for your comment on my cowl, it truly means a lot to me!
Xx, Elise

Nicole oktober 03, 2015  

That is a lovely cowl!! I can't wait to see it published! And I love all your Instagram posts of your house--it looks like such a happy house :) Happy Autumn to you!

elisesophie oktober 03, 2015  

Thank you, Nicole, that is so sweet of you! Happy happy autumn to you too!

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