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onsdag 1. april 2015

Easter plans

My Easter has started, somewhat annoyingly, with a stomach bug, but that won't keep me from enjoying my much needed days off from work. I've decided that the best way to deal with this is to just have no plans - no places I need to be, no chores that needs doing (apart from sowing some seeds for my herb garden), no commitments. Having just embraced the fact that I'll need to be a bit of a hermit, at least till the stomach bug decides to say adieu, has made me calmer than in a long time.
I'll knit and watch Miss Marple and Poirot (it's Easter after all!) and just relax.

Here's what I'll be working on:

 photo IMG_0690_zps0e6ddnc7.jpg

This is my Hawser jumper, another Brooklyn Tweed pattern. I'm really enjoying it, and am hoping beyond hope that it'll fit when it's all done. (I have this weird habit of making jumpers that are either too small, or that "if they were just so" would have been 100% better fit-wise, but which I cannot be arsed to fix so they get given away to someone else instead...) This time, however, I've made careful calculations and think it'll be a success (I even knitted my gauge swatch in the round to make sure that my gauge wouldn't be off, which was a good move, because apparently I knit tighter in the round. Great tip for everyone!). I'm knitting it in a yarn that my mother bought, but which turned out to be the wrong colour for her, so lucky me! It's Pickles Tweedy in the colourway 'Anorakk'. This yarn is a bit bulkier than the BT Shelter, which is obviously the recommended yarn for this pattern, but I really like the result. The stitch definition is just right, and the yarn feels soft and has a good drape, even before blocking - a good sign!

I've also just bought some fluffy yarn to knit the Cable Cloud Cowl by Purl Bee, which immediately caught my fancy when it was released a while ago. The yarn, the simple slender cable and the garter stitch just looks plain yummy! It'll be hard to part with it, but I'm determined to give it to my "sister-in-law" for Christmas - she deserves something warm and fuzzy to wear around her neck.

What are your Easter plans - knitting or otherwise?


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